New Work | Episode 18


Phillip’s endless quest to define and defend his own sense of freedom finally comes to a close in this, the final chapter in the Phillip Series. In Episode 18 Phillip relives and reinvents highlights from his madcap life, his gruesome death and his colourful and exuberant time in Heaven. Phillip’s final chapter comes to life with dance, spoken work, live music, image and light in a compact multimedia performance-installation in 3 acts. Trailer.

Act 1 – Life   “listening, looking, smelling, tasting, feeling”
Act 2 – Death   “ice cold, bright white and crystal clear”
Act 3 – Heaven  “an eternal discotheque trapped in perpetual springtime”

Created and performed by Robbert van Hulzen and Dirk Bruinsma. A coproduction of the Phillip Project, Hootschroop and LeineRoebana. Premiere performance of the first work-in-progress version of Act 1 – LIFE was on 25 January, 2019 in the Come Together #4 Festival at Frascati Theater, Amsterdam.