Michael Jahoda’s professional dance career began in 1977 when he was selected by Jerome Robbins to perform in New York City Ballet’s production of Mother Goose. Shortly after he worked with The New York State Theatre Institute, a professional arts and education theater company in Albany, NY known as ESIPA

Since that time teaching, performing and choreographic engagements have taken him to Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, Italy, Andorra, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, and to 20 of the United States.


1986 Michael received a full scholarship to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York City. One year later he joined the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble where he worked with Bebe Miller, Donald Byrd, George Faison, Ulysses Dove, Kevin Wynn, and Alvin Ailey. He toured throughout the United States and performed a wide range of repertory including the Ailey classics Blues Suite and Revelations.

In 1998 Michael became a principal dancer with Jennifer Muller/the Works in NYC. He was with the company for seven years and was a featured performer throughout the repertory and received critical acclaim.


While with the/Works he began teaching the company’s unique training method and shortly after became a core member of the company’s teaching team. He regularly gave company class, headed workshops and re-staged company repertory. He is now a highly respected and experienced teacher. In addition to a busy roster as an international freelance teacher he is on the guest faculty of Boston University (USA) and since 1992 De Rotterdamse Dansacademie (Codarts) in Rotterdam (NL).

The Netherlands

In 1995 Michael moved to Europe and settled in Amsterdam (NL). He taught classes and workshops for schools, companies and professional training institutes, danced in a wide array of freelance productions, was a featured dancer with Anouk van Dijk’s anoukvandijkdc for seven years, and danced in international festivals such as Springdance, CaDans, Klapstuk and the Holland Dance Festival. During this time he began engaging in artistic research projects and developing his own performance projects.

Since 2011 Michael has been Rehearsal Director for Leine Roebana (NL) and Dansgroep Amsterdam  (NL) and is currently Rehearsal Director and Assistant to the Choreographer at Conny Janssen Danst in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


In 2000 he formed a teaching and choreographic partnership with Maria Naidu, a long time colleague from Jennifer Muller/the Works. Together they developed a unique team-teaching system and created several choreographies together including A2Z” a full-evening duet for themselves commissioned by der Brot Fabrik in Bonn, Germany. In April 2000, together with Leda Meredith, they created and performed All About Angels and Eggs, a full-evening experimental cabaret at Dans Ateliers in Rotterdam.


In 2001 Michael began a pivotal artistic collaboration with Finnish video artist Pasi Granqvist. Pasi and Michael founded The Phillip Project, a multi-media collaboration and created a fictitious character named Phillip. There have thus far been 17 Episodes in their series inter-related installations and performance-installations and performance-events. 2011 marked the 10th Anniversary of the Phillip Project.

A substantial part of Michael’s creative work runs parallel to Phillip’s journey. Phillip has become a sort of alter-ego and a vehicle for a wide range of collaborations and performance projects. In 2010 Michael returned to Europe to work on a series of interrelated research and performance projects for the Phillip Project Series. These included an Artist-in-Residency in Malmo, Sweden which was sponsored by Internationella Dansprogrammets Residens i MALMÖ and cohosted by Skanes Dans Theater, Dans Stationen, Rorelson and Danscentrum Syd. This was followed by “Halfway to Heaven”, a research project at Dans Ateliers Rotterdam, and culminated in Episode 16 - “Heaven”, a new full-evening performance created in collaboration with van Hulzen and Marion Traenkle. Episode 16 - “Heaven” was co-produced by Dans Ateliers Rotterdam and Dans Makers Amsterdam and premiered in Amsterdam in June 2010. Episode 17, the latest in the series premiered at Zeebelt, Den Haag in June 2012.


In 2005 Michael created a second home for himself and the Phillip Project in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the Artistic Director of the 2008 Gloucester New Arts Festival (MA/USA) and collaborated with Boston based Kinodance Company on the Refractive Kinoscope, an interactive performance-installation. In addition to teaching, mentoring and choreographing at Boston University, and creating several new Phillip Series Episodes, Michael began the White Box Project. The WBP is a series of experimental, unscripted performance events, which was nominated for Boston’s Best Dance Troupe in 2009. The WBP mission is to provide a framework for creative dialogue and performing-artist collaborations, and to help ignite a fresh interaction between performing artists and the public in non-traditional venues/spaces such as clubs and galleries.

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Michael Jahoda