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the Phillip Project was initiated by choreographer Michael Jahoda and Finnish video artist Pasi Granqvist in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In August 2001 these two artists embarked on an unruly, unfunded research project to develop a new form of communication that could seamlessly fuse the visual arts and the performing arts, ease the boundary between the fine arts and the performing arts, and erase the boundary between the performer and the public. They focused their research on questions of freedom and collaboration, and in the first phase of their research they created Phillip.

Phillip is the leitmotif of the Phillip Project. Phillip is an endearing, multifaceted, fictitious character - part everyday man / part super hero - and comes to life in a series of interrelated multi-media Episodes that document his endless quest to find the answer to the big question - “What is freedom”?.

Throughout the series Phillip’s journey and the intimate workings of his mind and body have been portrayed in pure dance, as jewel-like video images, as flickering broken glass, as spinning explosions of saturated film, as a one man disco dancing extravaganza, as sweeping layers of electronic sound, as whispering voices, as a tap dancing swimmer, as pumping throbbing light, as endless loops, as bombastic drums, as a sage, as a pig, as a child, as a prince, and as a super hero as the intimate workings of his mind and body are shattered into pieces again and again and again...

From 2002 to 2005 the Phillip Project collaboration grew to include musicians Mark Drillich and Paul van Mook, and lighting designer Minna Tiikkainen. Together these five artists created Episodes 4 - 11.

Since 2005 Michael Jahoda has been leading the Phillip Project, spearheading the new Episodes 12 - 17 and initiating new collaborations with Robbert van Hulzen, All Kovgan, and Marion Traenkle.

Over the course of 10 years the Phillip Project has created 17 individual, site-specific Episodes which have focused on a specific part of Phillip’s endless quest to define and defend his own sense of freedom, and exposed one or more aspects of his fantasies, fears and desires.

Each Episode is created by a select group of collaborators though a number of reoccurring elements and themes have emerged over time to form a unique framework for the series - progressing from a simple film installation, to an intimate site-specific film and sound installation, to a one-hour performance installation, to a club lounge, to a dance party, to a five-hour performance event, to a solo mono-media performance, to an acoustic performance-installation event.

The Phillip Series has been supported by various Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and American foundations, organizations and theaters including the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds voor the Podium Kunsten, Dans Ateliers Rotterdam, Dans Werkplaats / Dansmakers Amsterdam, Frascati Theater Amsterdam, Lantaren/Venster Rotterdam, Zodiak Center for new dance, Helsinki, Internationella Dansprogrammets Residens i MALMÖ, and Green Street Studios, Cambridge.

* The Phillip Project wishes to acknowledge the kind and generous support offered by Conny Janssen Danst, anoukvandijkdc, Leine en Roebana, and Dansgroep Amsterdam.


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