Michael Jahoda has been teaching classes, giving workshops and re-staging repertory internationally since 1989. He is a foremost teacher of the Muller Technique and his classes are known for his clarity, directness, demanding physicality and personal attention.

The Muller Technique is a highly refined and meticulously structured modern dance technique developed by Jennifer Muller in New York City in the 1970's. It is an in-depth training method with a unique approach that strikes a fine balance between conscious, healthy dancing and extreme virtuosity.

The 3 part class consists of integrated exercises that progress from center work, to barre work, to phrase work. Each exercise in the class is designed to facilitate three-dimensional physical awareness, consistent breath control, increased energy management and a fundamental understanding of essential movement principles. 

  1. *The class is structured for a 2 hour-time frame, but can be adapted to a more conventional 1 1/2 hour training session. The build up and development of the class work is tailored to the level of the students and the length of the course period.

  1. *Workshops are developed around a technique class with an expanded, more in-depth focus on technique, repertory, improvisation, collaboration or new choreography. The particular design of workshops is tailored to the program, the level of the students and the length of the course period.

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Michael Jahoda